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Happy & Healthy @ iQuanti

Health, wellness, and wellbeing are not just buzzwords for us at iQuanti, they are fundamental to our belief system, and therefore reflect in our approach, culture, as well as policies…

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Our clients have spoken!

At iQuanti, client focus is one of our core values. Our annual CSAT assessments help us learn and make strategic shifts to continuously improve. Here are a few snippets from our 2021 CSAT assessment…

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Facilitating a Brighter, Dignified Future for All Children

The right to childhood for children from marginalized backgrounds is threatened on several fronts, including inadequate nutrition and healthcare, lack of proper hygiene and sanitation, child abuse, child marriages and child labour, and lack of equitable opportunities to education.

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Responding to COVID-19: Tactics for Financial Marketers

The growing COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause economic disruption, the consumers’ needs and behavior are changing massively. How can Financial marketers respond to changing customer needs and shift marketing tactics to meet them? iQuanti’s Sreekant Lanka…

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Google Turns 21: Reflections from a Former Black-Hat SEO

Not that long ago, black-hat SEO tactics were the norm. Today, though, search has become cleaned up and professionalized; search optimization has evolved. Read iQuanti’s Michael Bertini’s take on what’s changed in his 16 years as an SEO practitioner.

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Guide to SEO Spider Traps: Causes, Solutions

SEO Spider crawl traps constitute technical problems associated with a website. Search engine spiders get caught in a set of problem web pages and exhaust the crawl budget without providing results to relevant URLs. In a nutshell, spider crawler traps are a drain on the time and resources spent towards SEO efforts, need immediate attention and quick solutions.

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