How Is Your Ad Spend Being Optimized?

The exponential growth of digital advertising spending is expected to surpass $600 billion by the end of 2022.

While this is a remarkable reflection of how important digital advertising has become in reaching your target audience(s), it doesn’t speak to how this spend translates to your ROI. Paid media is — and likely will continue to be — the largest spend across digital media campaigns, but is the emphasis on PPC, branded content, and display ads enough to move the needle for your business?

The questions that usually arise when examining if paid media solutions are meeting the mark are:

“Are we targeting the wrong keywords?”

“Are our creatives reaching the right audiences?”

“Where are our customers dropping off the conversion campaign?”

The emphasis on upper- and mid-funnel campaigns is important in generating awareness of your brand and informing your various audiences how it is you provide the most suitable solutions to meet their needs. The lack of emphasis on lower-funnel campaigns, on the other hand, provides a massive opportunity to solidify conversion efforts made by these upper- and mid-funnel efforts.

Whether your goal is to ensure your ad campaigns are working in tandem with each other or if you simply want to see an increase in conversions, you might need a Landing Experience Accelerator Program (LEAP) to bridge that gap.

Preparing to LEAP

Let’s start by saying that the upper- and mid-level conversion campaigns aren’t going anywhere and will remain impactful in driving traffic to your website. Traditionally though, these campaigns are created to hook and lure your audience in without a consideration of how generic landing pages on a site can be.

Meanwhile, leveraging the same landing pages across different ad campaigns may result in a disconnected user experience. Couple this with a lack of ongoing testing and soon advertisers start to lose sight of where and why ad performance starts to decay.

When it comes to understanding how vital contributing ad spends to product and service pages can be, start by asking yourself:

“Are my awareness and consideration campaigns broad enough that a singular conversion page encompasses the various experiences my audiences take to arrive there?”

“Will my audiences become distracted by a conversion page that doesn’t precisely speak to the reason they visited your landing page in the first place?”

Customers are increasingly sophisticated and depending on your industry, competing products and services are widely available. Therefore, creating a holistic strategy that encompasses organic and direct traffic efforts, paid media campaigns, and customized landing pages can help build meaningful end-to-end experiences that align with your audience’s intent.

LEAP builds these customized landing pages, maximizing user experience and conversion performance and delivering as many as 7x more leads.

LEAP-ing into end-of-funnel success

You might be wondering what precisely makes a LEAP so effective. iQuanti’s multi-functional approach uses five comprehensive and customizable solutions to help our clients move the conversion needle.

  1. Analytics
  2. A deep understanding of both your on- and off-page elements is the most integral step in understanding how people interact with your site. Starting with a deep dive into the core functionality of your website, we identify both the strengths and areas of improvement that can lead to better UX and UI.

    This in-depth analysis allows for the development of individual landing pages per ad campaign with a very customer-centric focus. Additionally, campaign generation strategies can be more closely scrutinized to identify and match user intent, eventually saving our clients CPC dollars that are being spent on audience types that bounce in and out of pages that irrelevant ads would lead them to.

  3. UX/UI
  4. These qualitative approaches provide us and our clients insight into effective storyboards, wireframes, usability evaluations, and concept validations that can be enacted for short- and long-term wins. Entirely based on client need, iQuanti homes In on your unique competitive landscape and audiences’ search intent, developing hypotheses on how your proprietary framework can be leveraged to improve a site visitor’s overall page experience.

    This is where we look at your cumulative layout shift (CLS), page loading speed, mobile-friendliness, page intent, and other elements to figure out why certain pages have higher or lower bounce rates and scroll depth. Building benchmarks in line with industry best practices and insights, we strive to improve our clients’ quality score, making them a more authoritative source of information and subsequently driving more conversions from landing page campaigns.

  5. Development
  6. All this research won’t be effective without proper consideration of standards and protocols, which is at the heart of our landing page developmental services. We adhere to secure coding practices as per OWASP and WCAG compliance recommendations, ensuring that, no matter who your audience is, campaigns match search queries and user intent, leading them to your products and services in non-inflammatory and accessible ways.

    Our proficiency across open-source and proprietary CMS platforms also speaks to our ongoing commitment to providing a positive UX/UI experience for our clients. By staying in the know about the latest developments in web design, we ensure our landing page campaigns help build the quality score of your individual web pages, as well as your site at large.

  7. Hosting
  8. Unsure or intimidated by how you will scale a program like this? No need to tax your IT department in getting your tech stack prepared for hundreds of new landing pages.

    With dedicated cloud hosting that allows for 24/7 System and Organization Controls (SOC) and data encryption capabilities, we can manage and host all your landing pages that can be modified or commissioned at will. And to ensure our commitment to your protection and user accessibility, we also offer disaster recovery management to back up and secure your data.

  9. A/B Testing
  10. Last, but most certainly not least, is our structured approach to analysis and its impact on optimization, which allows for the testing and refining of optimal landing page experiences. To reduce our clients’ CPC, we apply A/B testing for optimal conversion and journey experience and monitored internally that further improve your site’s quality score and match with your users’ intent.

    A consistent system of testing allows for maximum conversion output. At scale, this attention to each landing page offers significant gains with higher conversions and an extended reach of our clients’ media dollars.

Expanding Your Conversion Capabilities by LEAPs and Bounds

Experienced marketers understand that increases in bounce rates or decreases in scroll duration are hallmarks of a diminishing conversion rate; but to immediately lose a customer who clicks into a paid landing page campaign can be debilitating, if not heartbreaking. As partners in your success story, digital marketing agencies like iQuanti strive to deliver conversion rate optimization (CRO) methodologies and strategies that not only meet but exceed, client expectations.

Unlike every other digital marketing agency, iQuanti is intimately aware of how curated experiences from top-of-funnel media campaigns trickle down to customized landing pages that produce conversions. Instead of committing more money to digital ad spending, it is paramount to understand how funneling money toward the right strategy can put your products and services ahead of the rest.

When it comes down to brass tacks, no one wants to feel like they’re being sold to. Instead of emphasizing CPC, PPC, or otherwise, start with the notion that you are guiding your audience on a journey, proving to them how you are providing them an experience, not solely a product or service.

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