Attribution is an evolving and an ongoing process. In larger organizations, when marketing tactics are deployed online and offline across a multitude of touchpoints, connecting marketing activities to revenue lift presents a significant challenge.

For marketing attribution to be able to prove (and improve) the effectiveness of your advertising spend, the insights garnered need to be both impactful and actionable. If you lack confidence in your attribution model, and feel it isn’t perfect, you are not alone. While 4 in five organizations use attribution, 70% of businesses struggle to act on attribution insights*.

WHITEPAPER: iQuanti’s Hybrid Approach to Attribution Modeling

Are you spending your marketing budget where it makes the most impact? Does your current attribution model help you understand which marketing tactics at each step in the conversion journey are actually influencing customers and driving conversions?

Learn about iQuanti’s “Hybrid Approach to Attribution” – download the whitepaper and start your journey to a fully optimized media mix.


iQuanti has developed a solution to this challenge – an attribution model that unlocks new insights into media performance and shopper behavior. With iQuanti’s hybrid approach to attribution modeling, brands gain a full picture of what influences consumers on their path to purchase – from the key enterprise-marketing performance metrics down to the impact of individual digital touchpoints.

*State of Marketing Attribution 2017 (Econsultancy & AdRoll)

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