We work with many brands on developing brand and product stories that help transform their identity and presence. We also work with them to connect with their customers through targeted placements across online channels. We are programmed to look with a curious (and often a highly critical) eye when looking at businesses’ search, social and programmatic display efforts.

These Father’s Day campaigns caught our eye for their attention to detail, PR and influencer engagement and emotional impact. We think these are, in particular, good examples of how great ad campaigns can effectively incite action on the part of the consumer.

Here are 3 campaigns we thought made the grade this Father’s Day:


Black Rifle Coffee Co. – stands out for its attention to detail

Michael Bertini (Director, SEO Strategy)

I really like this Facebook post by Black Rifle Coffee Co., which was turned into a promoted ad that showed up in my feed for the last couple of weeks.

As a military dad myself, I like the message – it led me to actually engage with the ad and watch the video. And speaking from the perspective of a “prosumer” who works in the digital marketing industry, I like 1) the subtle placement of the brand on the dad’s t-shirt and 2) the use of a promo code in the post caption.

Limited-time promotions are a great tool in campaigns geared toward holidays like Father’s Day. Promos can measurably increase CTRs from your posts, especially if the post content is itself engaging – as is the case here. Black Rifle Coffee has also been successful in positioning their coffee as “the fathering fuel”. Smart!

Dove Men+Care – stands out for its emotional impact

Mashal Thariani (PR & Outreach Specialist)

Dove Men+Care launched a campaign last Father’s Day, which they reintroduced this year, to champion paternity leave for dads. The brand continues to challenge stereotypes around men as caregivers and aims to spark a cultural movement around paid paternity leave.

I’m an expecting mom, so I’m really getting a newfound appreciation this year for the value of paid leave. Many countries have paid paternity leave as the norm. Some even encourage new dads to take time away from work and bond with their child.

This a relatively simple campaign designed to encourage likes, shares and social follows, but this is a great example of a brand taking a leadership position on an issue and promoting it on social with objective of spreading awareness, creating interest and incite action. It is efforts like these that make a brand rise above being a products or services company to being a continuous and impactful presence in a customer’s life.

Pampers – stands out for its influencer strategy

Reshma Muralidhar (Lead – Branding & Marketing)

Spurred by a viral video of Donte Palmer, an everyday, diaper-changing dad on the floor of a restaurant bathroom and his campaign #SquatForChange, Pampers is sponsoring the installation of changing tables in 5,000 restaurants – and promoting its efforts across multiple marketing channels.

It’s even leveraging influencer marketing, as in the above post by John Legend. Influencers tend to have highly enthusiastic fan bases which influencer marketing allows brands to tap into. For emotionally impactful issues like this one, an influencer post is a perfect addition. The choice of the influencer in campaigns like these have a huge influence on the impact – not only in terms of visibility or reach, but also how the audience perceives the message to be relatable and a natural extension of the influencer’s personality.

This campaign has also gotten great traction in the media, demonstrating how a relatively low-cost initiative can snowball and achieve great visibility. As the media attention to the story demonstrates, the issue really resonates with the broader public. That makes this a very smart campaign by Pampers.

Which campaigns would you add to this list? Tell us here.

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