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iQuanti’s intensive data-driven approach drives brand rejuvenation and new customers online

The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically transformed the retail sector. New York & Company capitalized on this opportunity to make a strategic shift from a predominantly offline brand to an exclusively digital brand. iQuanti worked with NY&Co’s marketing team to develop and execute a performance-driven social selling strategy, that leveraged the brand’s existing strengths while building new synergies. We used Facebook advertising to build a multi-channel, cross funnel media strategy. We built new customer awareness for the brand, migrated a major chunk of existing customers online, and successfully intervened across the customer journey to drive high-levels of engagement and conversions.


New York & Company, Inc. (NY&Co) is an American retailer, known primarily for their womenswear. Founded in 1918, they are an iconic brand with a loyal customer base, and were  a staple across malls and downtown shopping areas across the US. In recent years, however the company struggled in the challenging retail business environment, as consumers steadily turned to e-commerce and foot fall to their physical stores declined.


As most major American cities enforced strict lockdown and social distancing rules, New York & Company was forced to close physical stores. They shifted to ecommerce, focusing on driving sales and expanding customer base.

Key Business Considerations

Scaling the brand online – shift from physical to digital

Brand refresh – focus on a younger demographic online

Unprecedented holiday season – strong online competition


Build a strong ROAS through high traffic and conversions 

Expand traditional customer base, while luring existing patrons online

Drive holiday season sales

iQuanti takes risks and keeps testing. The team helped us execute and deliver positive results focused on prospecting new customers.


– Julie Lee, VP, Digital Marketing, NY&Co


We built a dynamic campaign strategy, using Facebook advertising data to build reach, re-target relevant subsets, and drive conversions.


Leveraging demographic  and psychographic data, we built a complex tiered audience model mapped to staged customer journeys. Targeting both new and existing customers, we helped drive higher revenues and net sales.



Women (18-54 years) + Men (same age, <5% of the target audience, for the newly launched menswear section and targeted gifts for women)

Interests Groups

Using ”interests,” ‘’followers,” ‘’competitor follows,” “influencers,” and other psychographic data, a significantly large and scalable audience pool was created


Historical data from New York & Co, plus their sister brands Lord & Taylor and FTF, were used to further refine audiences


A scaled approach to audience classification and refinement strategy was developed across Facebook and Instagram.


Multiple creative routes were tested and optimized continuously, allowing for a dynamic, evolving campaign. Customized themes catering to different customer segments helped drive engagements and clicks. The creative approach considered an increasingly diverse customer base, the latest fashion trends and design aesthetic, as well as holiday themes.


The campaign increased engagement online from existing clients, most of whom were not digital converts.


Overall Campaign

ROAS – 150% above target 

Revenue ~60% increase YoY

Holiday Season

ROAS – 75% above target 

 390% increase in contribution from social YoY 


Overall Campaign

ROAS – 150% above target 

Revenue ~60% increase YoY

Holiday Season

ROAS – 75% above target 

 390% increase in contribution from social YoY 

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