The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted lives, livelihoods, and economies the world over. The Banking and Financial Services industry has been faced with some serious challenges through this crisis – the economic uncertainties, the unanticipated shift in operating models and the growing pressure on consumers, to name a few.

How can Banks and FIs effectively respond to the ‘new normal’?

iQuanti’s Ben Hinson (Director, Strategy & Analytics) shares insights.

THINK PIECE: Social Listening Strategies for Financial Marketers

At a Glance:

Data mining social data for activation and insights can be the key to developing an impactful and real-time marketing response plan in times of the COVID-19 crisis.

Read iQuanti’s report to learn about how  Social Listening can be used to:

  • Uncover new product and campaign ideas
  • Uncover invaluable competitive insights and
  • Uncover new opportunities to win in Search.


The pandemic has caused a significant shift in consumer behavior, affecting both macro- and micro-economic trends. These market changes, along with business responses to these changes have either been met with negative or positive sentiments. The data on these sentiments can be found buried amidst the millions of comments on public boards and the massive conversational worlds of Twitter and Reddit. All this data can be mined for rich, actionable insights.

Download iQuanti’s report to find out how Banking & Financial Services enterprises can activate Social Listening data to gain significant competitive advantage and navigate these changing times with efficacy and efficiency.

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