A digital health check-up is crucial to detecting performance issues and optimizing digital programs to deliver a higher ROI.

A comprehensive digital checkup should provide a high-level assessment against the following digital marketing checklist:

  • Site quality: Performance, usability, build quality, compliance, and mobile compatibility and searchability.
  • Analytics audit: Tagging, documentation, customer segmentation, online/offline connectivity, and channel  attribution
  • SEO audit: Share of search, spread across funnel, on-page audit, off-page audit, and off-site marketing.
  • Social evaluation: Channel breadth and business integration.
  • Paid search audit: Account structure, quality score, CPA Pareto analysis, benchmarking.
  • Display audit: Display effectiveness, retargeting, social, programmatic buying.
  • End-to-end optimization: Testing, hypothesis, impact to business, and test tool evaluation.
  • Mobile evaluation: Integration with strategy and all channels, device-specific behavior analysis, engagement, conversion, and usage.
  • Automation opportunities: Site-wide changes, rule-based optimization, and automation tool use.

Once the checkup is conducted, a prioritization of high, medium, and low findings can be determined to guide the organization’s focus on the most important initiatives with the highest return.

A proper checkup can deliver critical insights into developed inefficiencies and provide a path to deliver dramatic growth and far better returns on marketing spend.

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