BERT is here. Google’s ground-breaking NLP framework enables the search giant to understand search queries better than ever and help engage its users more.

Google is now better equipped to understand the nuances and intent of long-phrase search queries and match them with the best answers/pages.Content development for humans, and not bots/machines is a sustainable long-term strategy.

THINK PIECE: Understanding Google’s BERT Update

Read iQuanti’s report to understand:

  • What BERT means
  • It’s far-reaching implications for SEO, Paid Search and beyond
  • How Banking and Financial Services organizations can adapt their paid & organic search strategies to boost performance in the age of BERT.


Banking & Financial Services organizations need to understand and analyze any loss of ranking (and subsequently, organic traffic) from BERT in context of relevancy—if you were previously ranking for a long-tail query NOT relevant to your business/content intent, then BERT is actually helping you weed out irrelevant traffic to your website.

Marketers now need to focus on understanding their search user’s intent more clearly and address these needs with the best possible communication (instead of thinking only keywords). With BERT, Google will be doing the same.

Download iQuanti’s Think Piece to understand more about Google’s BERT update and its potential impact for your Banking and Financial Services organization.

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