Recent data around search trends show that almost 60% of online searches made for Father’s Day between the first week of May 2013 and last week of May 2015 were done by women while men only accounted for 33%. This is particularly interesting as searches for related periods around Mother’s Day were split almost 50-50 between women and men.

The data pulled by iQuantism, which analyzed search results, discovered that Father’s Day sees, on average, 20% fewer related searches around the holiday than Mother’s Day, with 1.2 million searches vs. 1.5 million, respectively. When it came to age group demographics for these online searches, 25-34 year-olds searched related terms the most, accounting for 22% of all searches. Behind them, at a close second and third, were the 35-44 year-olds age group with 18%, and the 18-24 year-olds age group with 17%.

The top 5 search queries contributing to 62% of all searches made during the month were: “Father’s Day”, “When is Father’s Day,” “Happy Father’s Day,” “Father’s Day Gifts,” and “Father’s Day Poems.” Together, these searches added up to over 3.6 million. California led in the number of search queries followed by Texas, garnering 13% and 9% respectively of the total search volume.

A more in-depth look into the statistics that make up the top 5 searches show that 56% of all Father’s Day searches were made to identify the date of the holiday. Following that, approximately 40% of searches centered around gift and card ideas, with 18% of total searches targeted specifically for online e-solutions for gifts or cards, such as e-cards. During the past two years, Father’s Day searches have soared up to almost 1990% towards June with 5.8 million searches on an average.

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