Our Values

Tenets that define and guide us.

Our Values, Our DNA

iQuanti’s values are special because we defined them together. These are not prescribed top-down or smart words merely displayed in our offices. We put our heads together to articulate these values that truly represent who we are and who we want to be.

Our values truly reflect us – the iQuantians


We put the client first, always.

At iQuanti, we strive to become the best business partners for our clients. We are relentlessly driven to deliver success for our clients, and to find new opportunities to help them grow. For that, we keep razor focus on the right objectives – client business goals.

We succeed only if our clients do, so client success comes first for us. Always.


We live & breathe data.

Data is foundational to who we are and what we do. Being data-driven means that we relentlessly work to understand the what, why, and how. We are curious. We are disciplined. We are rigorous. And we are obsessively data-driven. At iQuanti, data guides everything we do – our solutions, strategy, and products.

We drive digital performance. And data drives us.


Everything we do, we do with excellence.

At iQuanti, we do not define excellence as being better than the others. For us, excellence is doing the absolute best possible. It is about constantly and passionately doing what is right – with ambition, pushing our thinking, energy, and integrity. It is about setting the highest standards and delivering on the promise of ‘the highest value possible’ for our clients, our employees, our partners, and each other.

We aspire for excellence in everything we do.

Openness & Respect

We are open and respectful.

At iQuanti, we value honesty, transparency and decency in all our interactions, internally and externally. We are open, to feedback to help each other grow, and to ideas and suggestions to help benefit our work. We actively seek this, and with as much transparency and respect provide it as well. In this manner we believe in growing together – united by shared values, guided by a common purpose, and celebrating our differences.

We encourage openness and are respectful to each other.


We continuously innovate, mindfully.

At iQuanti, we are driven by a need to be better. Towards this we explore, learn, discover, constantly. We strive to solve challenges in new and unique ways of thinking and doing, to help us to deliver better results more efficiently. We are mindful though of what is worth innovating – we realize we do not always need to reinvent the wheel, while there are times when disruption is the only answer.

We revel in being creative and innovative, continuously and mindfully.

Accountability & Ownership

Each one of us is accountable, and takes ownership.

At iQuanti, each one of us own what we do – work that is good or even that needs improvement. We take the responsibility of and are committed to delivering on our promises. We hold ourselves accountable to our clients, partners, and each other. We enthusiastically take on the responsibility that the buck stops with each one of us.

We take pride in ownership and accountability.

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