At iQuanti, we are consistently focused on doing better. Client focus is one of our core values.

We invest heavily in tracking how clients assess our performance and uncovering where we need to improve. A key tool towards this end has been our annual client satisfaction (CSAT) assessment conducted by an independent third party. Since undertaking this endeavor in 2015, we’ve diligently worked to ensure we learn from assessment results and make strategic shifts to continuously improve.  It’s also something our clients have consistently pointed out as one of our core strengths.

Our CSAT assessment results for 2021 showed consistent improvement highlighting our continued focus on client success.

Our 2021 client satisfaction assessment was conducted by Allegiant Partners, Inc., a company that specializes in providing clients with just-in-time information about why their most profitable clients come, why they stay or why they leave.

Allegiant Partners analyzes client loyalty through telephone interviews that gather a combination of qualitative and quantitative data. The honest, relevant, and detailed insights from the data are used to further develop client-specific strategies to improve a company’s performance and enhance overall client satisfaction and retention.

iQuanti’s 2021 client satisfaction assessment involved in-depth one-on-one telephone interviews with multiple senior-level contacts in client organizations with regard to all aspects of their relationship with us.

When asked if they were willing to recommend iQuanti, 96% of our clients gave an unqualified yes. That—as anyone in the services sector would know—is no small feat. And for a company such as ours, who’s been specializing in digital performance marketing services for global brands and Fortune 500 clients, this is quite the feather in our caps.

Here’s the gist of what went into the client satisfaction assessment, where we did well, and well, not so well!

The focus

The core of the assessment was to identify clients’ responses to various parameters, including why they were attracted to iQuanti, why they chose to work with us, their overall satisfaction with our solutions, their current/most recent engagement(s) with iQuanti, their relationship with iQuanti, and how we compared to other-like companies, etc. Over 90 interviews were conducted across an array of business sectors.

What the assessment uncovered

The assessment highlighted the areas clients see as iQuanti’s key strengths: subject matter expertise, communication, level of service, account management, quality of insights & recommendations, and team consistency, among other things. For instance, according to one of our clients interviewed, iQuanti rates as “Outstanding.”

They bring very good external perspective [regarding] industry trends, not just what we ask them to do but [they bring] unique thinking. The results have been amazing, for search #1 […] they are very quick to deliver in a short time [and] they follow-up on requests immediately, which is vital to us. Their attention to detail is great [and do their] job quickly and efficiently.

Response from Client 1

“Their knowledge of organic search is a key part (of why I said outstanding). They have a strong methodology […] They are a pleasure to work with. They really uncovered gaps in our SEO program and have taken it to the next level.”

Response from Client 2

Another “Outstanding” remark we obtained was from a client who appreciated how the team understood their limitations and helped strategize to move the ball forward despite the constraints those limitations posed.

It is humbling to note that clients acknowledge our efforts to build and maintain good relationships with them. Another client who termed us as “Outstanding,” added that in addition to our subject matter expertise, our overall value was in the multiple aspects of the relationship we maintained with them.

Here are some more encouraging words from our clients:

“They deliver strong results. Their knowledge and understanding of the digital space. […] Their emphasis on data analytics is really valuable to us to prove results. Their level of professionalism and responsiveness is unlike what I have experienced with others.”

Response from Client 3

This is great, but what more can we do?

What more can we do? What can we do better? We have been scouring through the responses to understand where we need to improve.

Participating clients were also asked what their one recommendation for us would be. Some of the responses were already on our radar for our development while some suggested new and exciting areas for us to consider.

We got some really great input – around improving the time for transition and getting new resources on the team up-to-speed, not enough depth in creative insights and design, sharing more thought leadership resources, offering them more recommendations, proposals, next steps and more face time with iQuanti leadership.

There is a high level of satisfaction among our clients with the extent to which iQuanti has been helping them deliver outcomes. Even so, we’ve noted (and plan to action on) where and how we can better ourselves in 2022 and beyond.

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