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When more than half of web searches originate from mobile devices, mobile SEO can’t exist in a silo.

Mobile devices, integral to commerce and the consumer internet, are a critical component of enterprise digital strategy. iQuanti’s extensive mobile SEO experience empowers enterprises to reach more mobile users and achieve more mobile conversions. Consumers spend upwards of five hours per day on their smartphones, using them to browse the web, engage with apps, and make purchases. More than 40 percent of ecommerce transactions now happen on mobile. In addition, many websites see 70 percent or more of their organic traffic originate from mobile devices. Google, responding to these trends, has switched its indexer to be mobile-first. It is imperative that enterprise sites be mobile-optimized to take advantage of this change. With iQuanti’s expert guidance, you will stay abreast of Google’s algorithms and adopt a data-driven approach to mobile SEO.


Why Mobile SEO Matters

Most web searches originate from smartphones. Roughly six in 10 searches are conducted on mobile. With mobile search now a key consumer touchpoint, enterprise digital success requires compelling small-screen experiences informed by a comprehensive mobile SEO strategy. Mobile SEO contributes to higher search visibility and a better-performing mobile acquisition funnel. For a fully optimized mobile presence that maximizes business outcomes, great mobile SEO is a necessity.

Differentiating Mobile SEO Strategy With Data

From target audience definition to content strategy to technical optimization, iQuanti provides end-to-end mobile SEO services that generate bottom-line growth. iQuanti is a mobile SEO company that drives better performance through proprietary data. Providing a holistic picture of mobile SEO performance, iQuanti analyzes the entire mobile user journey to maximize business impact from the search channel. Across the mobile user journey, keywords, page content, and site architecture are harmonized in a comprehensive approach to mobile SEO. Armed with data-driven decisions, you achieve ROI more quickly.

Enhancing Sites for the Mobile Web

Enterprise websites must be architected for mobile from the ground up. At iQuanti, comprehensive site audits ensure that your site is mobile SEO friendly.

Site design

iQuanti ensures that your site is designed the right way, so it does not block search crawlers, is easy to navigate, and is finger-friendly.

Site structure

Comprehensive site architecture reviews ensure that your site passes authority through page hierarchies and can be mapped and indexed correctly.

Meta data and structured data

At iQuanti, every on-page element is optimized for maximum mobile visibility. Body content, content tags, page titles, and meta descriptions are refined for both user-friendliness and crawlability. In addition to using mobile-friendly titles and metas, schema markup helps page content stand out on mobile SERPs. This holistic mobile SEO service approach increases traffic quality and boosts conversion rates.

Accelerating Speed in Bandwidth-Constrained Environments

For search crawlers, speed is an important ranking factor in mobile SEO. iQuanti’s mobile SEO service pinpoints slow-loading content and comprehensively optimizes it for faster load times. Redirects and plugins are pared down, while compression best practices are applied to shrink images and other types of media. On text-heavy mobile pages, the iQuanti mobile SEO services team specializes in enterprise-scale AMP marketing strategies that accelerate load times even further. With AMP and other speed enhancements, iQuanti reduces bounce rates on key mobile pages and raises engagement in the mobile marketing funnel.

Improving Targeting at the Local Level

iQuanti’s approach to mobile SEO services is complemented by local search optimization [link this to “Local SEO” page once it’s live] for the end-to-end shopper journey. When many mobile searches are local in nature, pairing mobile SEO with local SEO maximizes your visibility in essential moments of consumer need. This hybrid approach to search optimization is especially valuable for enterprises with a strong local presence and an established acquisition funnel.

As an enterprise-focused mobile SEO company, iQuanti is highly attuned to how mobile enhances acquisition. iQuanti’s mobile SEO services deliver improved rankings, traffic, and conversion on the mobile search channel.

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