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Whether you have one brick-and-mortar location or thousands, consumers are trying to find you via search.

Consumers depend on search engines to find products and services near them. When half of all web searches are local, improving search visibility is a necessity for enterprises with a local presence.

Local SEO is about more than just a better search ranking. Brands must comprehensively optimize local keywords, locally focused content, and site architecture to maximize traffic into their acquisition funnel.

This comprehensive approach is what differentiates iQuanti as a local SEO company. Delivering innovative approaches to local SEO, iQuanti brings more high-conversion-intent traffic from the search channel to your website.

Improve your accessibility in local searches and get more local users to your key entry pages with iQuanti – the best local SEO company for the enterprise.


Why Local SEO Matters

The business of local directories has changed. Today’s consumers rely on search engines, not the yellow pages, to make a local purchase.

When two-thirds of local searches lead to a transaction, improving local SEO delivers substantial bottom-line impact.

Taking a holistic approach to local SEO that includes keyword, content, and off-page optimization results in higher visibility among your target audience. When your SEO strategy is mapped to your local customers’ purchase journey, you generate more high-conversion-intent traffic.

Search is an integral component of local commerce. For enterprises, improving local SEO results in a stronger, more sustainable business.

Delivering Local SEO for the Enterprise

iQuanti takes a comprehensive approach to search that drives bottom-line results. Specializing in local SEO services for nationwide businesses with a neighborhood presence, iQuanti assists some of the nation’s largest companies with local SEO [case study link?].

As the best local SEO company for enterprise, iQuanti analyzes how, when, and where a brand’s target customers are conducting searches. iQuanti then combines keyword strategy, content optimization, and stronger off-page link signals for improved search outcomes.

By pairing data and best practices, iQuanti’s local SEO approach leads to higher rankings in the searches that matter.

Measuring and Reporting on Local SEO Analytics

The iQuanti data analytics platform, ALPS, identifies opportunities for on- and off-page SEO improvements.

ALPS will analyze how a business’ local information is ingested by crawlers and displayed on SERPs. ALPS’ in-depth analytics also identify which keywords produce the best local SEO outcomes.

Track search traffic to key site entry points in ALPS and gain insight into how local SEO impacts your conversion funnel. With iQuanti, you’ll make better decisions about where to invest.

Measuring Local SEO Against Enterprise KPIs

iQuanti aims to offer the best local SEO services to large businesses.

Specializing in driving local KPIs like form fills, calls, and brick-and-mortar store visits, iQuanti starts with high-level goals and develops SEO strategy to support them.

Asking questions is essential to iQuanti’s local SEO approach. In addition to full site architecture audits, iQuanti conducts comprehensive analyses of keyword and content positioning.

Leveraging ALPS and other tools, iQuanti delivers local SEO improvements informed by data. iQuanti’s analysis and recommendations connect the dots between enterprise search visibility, site traffic, and conversion.

Tactically Enhancing Local SEO

At iQuanti, data-driven insights map to actionable enterprise marketing strategy.

Helping enterprises win at the basics, own low-funnel traffic, and move up-funnel, iQuanti delivers a structured path to driving business results from the local search channel. With hundreds of engineers and analysts on staff, iQuanti is capable of making an impact across geographies and business units.

The first step in iQuanti’s local SEO services is a deep-dive analysis. Highlighting site errors and keyword optimization opportunities, iQuanti leverages best practices in SEO hygiene to build a strong foundation for better local visibility.

The iQuanti local SEO service makes key on-page improvements to generate further gains in local search. Local-specific site enhancements include architecture optimization, usability improvements, and schema markup. These steps ensure strong SEO positioning for low-funnel searches.

To fully optimize local search visibility, iQuanti develops off-page elements such as Google My Business and local-business directories. In addition to citation and aggregator audits, iQuanti provides local link building services for increased authority and better reach in high-funnel search.

Success in local commerce demands a strong local SEO presence and a comprehensive approach to search strategy. Applying SEO hygiene best practices, site improvements, and link and content management, iQuanti’s local SEO services generate bottom-line results.

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