App Store Optimization Services

Increase In-App Installation, Improve App Store Visibility and Get More Traffic to Your App Store Page.

Publishing your app to mobile app stores is not enough to ensure downloads and positive ratings. Achieving the highest possible rank in app store search results and getting placed in the most-popular app lists requires app store optimization.

Delivering App Store Optimization for the Enterprise

iQuanti’s data-driven app store optimization services begin by profiling an enterprise’s customer base for both its website and its mobile app. iQuanti aims to combine enterprise SEO improvements and app store optimization, with the goal of enhancing both app discoverability and conversion.

In this framework, web content leads users through the awareness and purchase funnel from your site to the app store. As content publishing opportunities are limited within app stores, the goal is to leverage your website to increase app awareness and discovery. By increasing app visibility on the web, the iQuanti approach to app store optimization results in better app store ranking keywords, more app store traffic and more downloads for your app.

Supporting this process is iQuanti’s enterprise SEO tool, ALPS, which simulates web page content changes against key purchase-funnel keywords. This data-driven content creation methodology ensures that page content maps closely to the user’s purchase (and download) journey.

App Store Optimization Services from iQuanti

As a one-stop shop for app store optimization services, iQuanti takes a comprehensive approach to app store optimization strategy for increased traffic, improved ratings and more app downloads.

iQuanti’s app store SEO services include:

  • App Store Keyword Optimization
  • App Store Page Optimization
  • App Store Link Building
  • App Listing Localization
  • App Store Performance Monitoring

App Store Keyword Optimization

iQuanti’s app store optimization services are powered by keyword research. Our proprietary ALPS tool is used to identify how best to describe your app, its capabilities, core values and audience. Based on keyword search volumes and difficulty levels, iQuanti offers customized recommendations for different stages of your app store optimization strategy.

  • App names :
    iQuanti can assist in app naming, leveraging the ALPS tool’s keyword research functionality to align naming strategy with user wants and needs.
  • App descriptions :
    iQuanti has extensive expertise in building app descriptions that outline apps’ core values and features and offer clear calls to action all while balancing the optimization needed to rank in the app store.
  • App store keyword metadata :
    iQuanti’s recommendations for app names, subtitles and descriptions convey to audiences the purpose of the app, adhering to app stores’ optimal length criteria.
  • In-app purchase highlights :
    Should your app offer in-app purchases, iQuanti can enhance your in-app purchase names and descriptions to maximize conversion.
  • Promotional text :
    iQuanti’s in-house content strategists can help create promotional text for your app – and carry out A/B testing to determine which verbiage works best.

App Store Page Optimization

iQuanti helps brands create app store pages with enough audience appeal to convert app store visitors to app users. To that end, iQuanti’s app store optimization team deploys graphics and videos that maximize app store engagement.

  • App icon:
    iQuanti’s designers carry out extensive research to design app icons that communicate brand values across sizes, color schemes and backgrounds.
  • Screenshots:
    iQuanti’s app store optimization experts capture, edit, and update screenshots that capture the essence of a brand’s app and differentiate it from the competition.
  • Preview videos:
    iQuanti has extensive experience in app preview video storyboarding – as well as crafting compelling use-case narratives that are imperative to driving conversions.
  • Ratings and reviews:
    Because apps with positive reviews and 5-star ratings get the most downloads, iQuanti’s content team guides clients in managing and responding to reviews.

As part of its app store optimization services, iQuanti also recommends optimal app update frequency based on a continuous analysis of app store page performance.

App Listing Localization

Localizing your app pages simplifies discoverability and readability for customers in different countries. By doing so, you can increase both adoption and conversion, as more customers find your app by entering keywords – and viewing a welcoming product page – in their language.

App Store Performance Monitoring, Measuring and Reporting

iQuanti’s app store optimization services ensure that optimization efforts are tracked and benchmarked against the competition, so your brand stays ahead of the game at all times.

The iQuanti analytics team tracks the following metrics to determine app store conversion rates:

  • App preview impressions
  • App page visitors
  • App installs
  • Download drop-off rates

At iQuanti, data-driven insights form the basis of enterprise app store optimization.
iQuanti’s analysis and recommendations connect the dots between enterprise search visibility, site traffic, and conversion.

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