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CEO Sastry Rachakonda speaks about the impact of mobile apps on SEO and SEM

“Although mobile apps offer a convenient way for users to access a large variety of services, there’s a tremendous amount of information they need to navigate through browsers, according to Sastry Rachakonda, chief executive officer (CEO) of iQuanti, a digital marketing company that specializes in search.

“”Will people stop searching because of mobile apps? I don’t think so because they need information,”” Rachakonda says. “”SEO and SEM will still be there, but what will change is how SEO and SEM are done. Mobile data gives you the opportunity to largely improve the quality of search. The more data, the better search outcome you can deliver.”””

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iQuanti research on Popular Cocktails on Labor Day 2015

As Labor Day comes into focus for 2015, so too does alcohol beverage buying and homespun cocktail creations. Digital marketing and search analytics company, iQuanti, specializes in predictive data and tracked search trends from past years to predict the top cocktails for Labor Day 2015. 

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iQuanti research on Popular Fall Travel Destinations in 2015 on Smarter Travel

As much as we hate to say it, summer is starting to wind down. If you’re planning on any fall travel and don’t know where to go, take a look at our overview of iQuanti’s report on the hottest travel destinations for fall. The analytical firm analyzed two years of seasonal data about hotel reservations, flight bookings, travel deals, and vacation plans to come up with fall’s most popular attractions.

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COO John Ward speaks about Brand Marketing on CMO

As CMO, you are responsible for the health of some of your company’s most vital organs—its digital marketing system. Just like in the human body, many inefficiencies can develop over time, especially when digital isn’t treated as an intrinsic, dynamic component of a larger marketing strategy.

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CEO Sastry Rachakonda talks about patriotic themes and search strategies around 4th of July celebrations on Momentology

“According to Sastry Rachakonda, CEO of digital marketing agency iQuanti, brands should opt for a quantitative approach using analytics to examine issues like:

1. Analyzing search trends on patriotism.
2. Modeling data to find the correlation between a given brand and patriotism.
3. Mining the customer base to do a demographic match and understand patriotic propensity.
4. Projecting the potential impact from positive/negative perspectives.”

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