Recruiting is much like engaging consumers along the path to purchase – with the only difference being that the “customer” is instead a prospective employee. That’s why recruiters and HR professionals should think like digital marketers, iQuanti CEO Sastry Rachakonda writes in India Employer Forum.

In both recruiting and online marketing, Sastry suggests, the expectation should be that the “prospect” is going to do lots of research before narrowing their options. Finding a job, in other words, is a journey for the end-user. To win, your brand must have a presence across multiple digital touchpoints: Glassdoor, LinkedIn, et al.

Digital can also enhance prospect engagement. Sastry gives the example of online learning platforms. Because learning and growth is a proven employee retention factor, seeking opportunities to help staffers increase their knowledge can enhance your reputation and pay dividends in recruiting.

Both recruiters and marketers have an interest in brand experience, as well. Your customer-facing and prospective employee-facing brands must move in lockstep, Sastry writes – with the goal of getting people to actively seek you out. “By ensuring that you are driving a consistent experience,” Sastry argues, “you will drive your brand values.”

Read Sastry’s take on “Learnings from Digital Marketers for Employers” on India Employer Forum.

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