Digital marketing firm quoted in report discussing industry insights for target audience.

, Dec. 24, 2018eMarketer has included marketing and enterprise SEO agency iQuanti in its recent report titled “Dynamic Creative and Digital Storytelling: Mastery of Data Management Allows Campaigns to Get More Sophisticated.”

The report explores current trends in dynamic creative, including multivariate testing and optimization, retargeting and other forms of personalization, including sequencing. It includes insights from a dozen key digital marketing leaders, including iQuanti CEO Viswanatha Rachakonda and Principal Strategist, Paid Media, Khara Hutchinson. The report provides insights into how data management can help campaigns become more sophisticated, specifically answering:

  • How common is the use of dynamic creative in digital campaigns?
  • How are advertisers executing campaigns with dynamic creative?
  • How are marketers using dynamic creative optimization to reach and engage consumers?
  • What challenges are still associated with dynamic creative optimization?

In the eMarketer report, iQuanti’s Principal Strategist of Paid Media, Khara Hutchinson, is quoted discussing how data management platforms (DMPs) are driving the shift of focus to creative and how marketers can implement dynamic creative optimization.

“If you asked anybody five years ago if they had a DMP, they didn’t, or it was all proof of concept,” Hutchinson says in the report. “Creative has not caught up completely yet. When we do use dynamic creative, we see a significant difference.”

eMarketer is a trusted source by leading marketers, as reports are widely cited in the media with 95,325 total annual citations from over 3,500 publications.

“We are thrilled to be part of the narrative on digital creative and dynamic storytelling,” said Viswanatha Rachakonda, CEO, iQuanti. “eMarketer is a prominent industry trade that understands the need understand how digital is transforming marketing, media and commerce, and we are proud to take part in advancing resources like these for marketers.”

About iQuanti
iQuanti is a data-driven digital marketing and enterprise SEO agency that uses analytics and proprietary models to deliver high-performance marketing programs. With more than 10 years of experience, iQuanti turns consumer insights into actionable growth strategies for some of the nation’s largest companies. iQuanti’s proprietary ALPS tool leverages predictive modeling and algorithmic simulations to drive more effective client campaigns.

About eMarketer
eMarketer is the industry’s leading research firm, providing data, insights and perspectives for marketing in a digital world. Our research helps marketers answer three essential questions: how consumers spend their time, how consumers spend their money, and what marketers are doing to reach them. Empowered with this intelligence, our customers confidently make decisions about strategies, tactics and budgets.

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