More than a quarter of American adults regularly use a smart speaker to play music, control their home electronics and conduct searches. Yet fewer than 4% of businesses provide correct information to voice search users – suggesting that there’s a largely untapped opportunity to connect with consumers over voice.

In Street Fight magazine, iQuanti SEO strategist Michael Bertini explains what brands need to do to develop a winning voice strategy. What matters most to getting noticed by voice-search bots, Michael says, is boosting authority – because authority is the single biggest component of enterprise SEO.

Why does authority matter for voice? Most of the time, voice searches will return whatever would appear at the top of a search engine results page (SERP). Getting your content into this “position zero” spot should be your primary strategy if the goal is to attract voice bots.

And the best way to do gain search rank, Michael notes, is by growing the authority of your content via topical mastery. Only by comprehensively covering a topic will you generate the kind of authority that gets ranked in position zero.

Read Michael’s insights (as published in Street Fight) about voice search optimization for brand marketing here.

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