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iQuanti research on Emmy Award Winners in 2015 based on search volumes featured on Media Medusa

iQuanti, a company that specializes in predictive data, looked at the nominees for sixteen of the most popular categories, to see who the winners would be if the Emmys were awarded based on how popular each nominee is on the Internet. To identify the winners, iQuanti looked at the search frequency in Google and Bing for over ninety nominees in sixteen different categories – from Best Lead Actor in a Comedy to Best Supporting Actress in a Drama. The winners were selected by those nominees that were searched for the most. iQuanti collected the data through their proprietary predicative search tools, which they use for their clients, including a number of Fortune 500 companies.

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iQuanti research on Emmy Award Winners in 2015 based on search volumes featured on TV Insider

“Come Sunday night, Game of Thrones will have to slice down the final season of Mad Men if it wants to take home the Emmy for best drama series. But if the winner was determined by how often TV viewers search online for the show, Thrones would already have it in the bag.

This is all according to new research from iQuanti, a company that specializes in predictive data. iQuanti tabulated the search frequency via Google and Bing for the nominees in 16 categories and ranked them in order of most- to least-searched shows and people. (Results were limited to searches from the past year in the U.S.)”

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CEO Sastry Rachakonda speaks about the impact of mobile apps on SEO and SEM

“Although mobile apps offer a convenient way for users to access a large variety of services, there’s a tremendous amount of information they need to navigate through browsers, according to Sastry Rachakonda, chief executive officer (CEO) of iQuanti, a digital marketing company that specializes in search.

“”Will people stop searching because of mobile apps? I don’t think so because they need information,”” Rachakonda says. “”SEO and SEM will still be there, but what will change is how SEO and SEM are done. Mobile data gives you the opportunity to largely improve the quality of search. The more data, the better search outcome you can deliver.”””

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iQuanti research on Popular Cocktails on Labor Day 2015

As Labor Day comes into focus for 2015, so too does alcohol beverage buying and homespun cocktail creations. Digital marketing and search analytics company, iQuanti, specializes in predictive data and tracked search trends from past years to predict the top cocktails for Labor Day 2015. 

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