Google Chrome has followed Safari and Firefox in retiring 3rd party cookies — so what does that mean for the marketers who rely on the audience data that cookies have long provided?

iQuanti’s Michael Bertini suggests in The Financial Brand that financial institutions will increasingly have to do the hard work of audience-building on their own.

“You need to create your own walled garden,” Michael says. “You need to be creating upper-funnel content.”

Chrome eliminating cookies is a big deal because of the Google browser’s substantial market share. Globally, about 60% of internet activity is on Chrome: making it a much bigger player than either Apple’s Safari or Mozilla’s Firefox.

Chrome’s size and influence means this announcement is not a fire drill. Marketers are going to have to prepare for a world without cookies—and that may mean getting site visitors to share their information independently.

“More publishers may choose to gate their websites or find other new ways to derive income from their traffic by capturing visitor information,” The Financial Brand predicts.

Read Michael’s take, and those of other experts, in The Financial Brand.

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