What does it really take for enterprise organizations to turn their search channel into a lead-generating machine? Why do some enterprises succeed while others fail at executing their SEO programs, even with the right investments and the right people? What drives Enterprise SEO success – is it more about the enterprise and navigating its internal organizational challenges, or more about having the right strategies and people in place?

Viswanatha Sastry Rachakonda (CEO, iQuanti) puts forward 4 questions in this Forbes article to help determine if you are SEO-ready as an organization.

Sastry suggests that to get the most out of the search channel, enterprises should lead from the top down with an approach that offers a proven path to success. Ask yourselves these questions:

1. Do you have enterprise-level SEO goals? Is everyone in your organization aligned on these goals?

2. Have you identified cross-functional stakeholders across the organization? Do you have the right people with the right knowledge & training managing and coordinating your enterprise SEO program, across teams/departments?

3. Are you positioned to secure the necessary technology resources? How do you ensure your SEO requirements are not technologically underinvested in or deprioritized in favour of larger compliance or CX initiatives?

4. Do you promote a culture of ‘searchability’?

Read the full Forbes article here.

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