Entrepreneurs can get more bang for their buck by investing in CRO, says iQuanti’s Aditya Saxena (Vice President, APAC) in the Financial Express.

While the Indian digital advertising industry is rapidly growing, startups still struggle with hefty growth goals and with their marketing budget allocation to get the best return on their investments. This is where Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) comes in. It takes the already existing demand (traffic) and converts them into buyers at a higher rate. This is not only cost-effective but also yields a better ROI. “CRO helps marketers derive actionable insights on how the user behaves on the website. Armed with the insight, marketers can then tailor the experience of their digital assets to induce the desired action — generate a lead or a sale”, says Aditya.

Read the Financial Express article here to understand more about CRO, about why it requires an outside-inside approach to problem-solving and how brands can set forth on their conversion optimization journey.

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