Targeted advertising has gotten a bad rap, due in large part to the misuse of personal data by certain actors in the tech industry.

But, iQuanti’s Dan Borger writes in Street Fight magazine, there’s a right way to do targeting: one that provides consumers with more choice in the marketplace while facilitating better relationships between brands and their customers.

Dan gives the example of digital-first underwear brand MeUndies, which he discovered thanks to social ads on Facebook and Instagram. Because he fit the profile of MeUndies’ existing customers, Dan was targeted with a series of engaging, highly relevant messages that introduced him to the brand – which rapidly became one of his favorites.

Targeting makes these kinds of serendipitous interactions possible, even for big brands. By allowing niche engagements at scale, targeted ads improve customer relationships and lead to higher customer lifetime value.

Dan cautions that better education and improved data-use guidelines may be needed to ensure consumer data is being collected the right way. With the proper guardrails in place, though, advanced targeting will benefit consumers and brands alike.

Read Dan’s insights, as seen on StreetFight Magazine, here.

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