World is quickly moving towards Voice and financial-services organizations need to be ready for the shift to voice, iQuanti’s Wayne Cichanski writes in The Financial Brand. 

Wayne, the head of iQuanti’s enterprise SEO practice, suggests that there are three main workstreams for enterprise digital marketers who want to win in voice. 

The first is branded queries: the “low-hanging fruit,” so to speak, of enterprise SEO. Branded voice searches–in contrast to traditional typed queries–typically entail a request for an address, a phone number or operating hours from brands the consumer already does business with. To win in branded, therefore, SEOs should deploy schema to help communicate the most essential information on their sites to search crawlers.

Non-branded voice queries are a little trickier. In non-branded, it’s typically Answer Box results that get returned by voice bots. To win an Answer Box, SEO hygiene is just the first step: You also need to have great content that comprehensively answers searchers’ questions.

One tip, Wayne notes, is to aim to provide answers using a few different types of content–so as to more comprehensively cover the topic.

The final area of voice for marketers to tackle is branded skills. This is still a new area for most enterprises; McDonald’s only just introduced a voice skill for Alexa to facilitate job applications.

As voice platforms make skills easier to develop, though, they can serve as a valuable brand differentiator. Think queries like “Alexa, what is my [Bank X] checking account balance?”

Skill-based voice searches, done right, can deepen brand engagement, Wayne suggests. 

Read all of his voice-search tips in detail in The Financial Brand.

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