Why is it important for enterprises to select the right CMS while considering site migration? What are the SEO considerations to ensure a flawless website migration? iQuanti’s SEO Ninja, Michael Bertini shares his thoughts in “Don’t Let Your CMS Migration Go South: SEO and Related Considerations”, published in Marketing Profs.

Michael’s biggest tip to enterprise SEOs: understand that you won’t find SEO and site migration success in a silo.

Selecting a new website content management system (CMS) is often a significant challenge, considering the scale of data, forms, and content that, often, needs to be migrated from old to new CMS systems. It is important to involve multiple groups of the business from the outset: your marketing team, PR team, agency or in-house SEO team, and executive stakeholders.

Michael outlines various case scenarios when enterprises may consider opting for a new CMS and the requirements they must address to mitigate risks and flawlessly migrate their website content.

Along with the dos that SEO professionals should focus on during site migration, a list of don’ts must be avoided to ensure a seamless CMS site migration. These include:

  • Don’t redirect visitors to irrelevant pages
  • Don’t think solely about internal usability.
  • Don’t let shiny new features blind you from seeing the big picture.

Read the full article as it appears on Marketing Profs here to understand what enterprises need to consider before selecting a new CMS and planning their site migration.

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