iQuanti’s Ajay Rama (SVP, Products & Solutions) writes in Search Engine Journal about how, with the deeper understanding of data and development of the right algorithmic scoring models, SEO can stand on its own as an acquisition channel—becoming more predictable, more scalable and more profitable.

The key, Ajay notes, is to identify the roadblocks to SEO success that may exist within your organization, then tackle them in a systematic way.

He identifies 5 key roadblocks:

  • Data ecosystems are heavily siloed.
  • More metrics are available than insights.
  • Optimization efforts result in conflict.
  • Standard SEO click-through rate benchmarks are unreliable.
  • SEO struggles to make an investment case.

Ajay presents in Search Engine Journal, a path forward from these obstacles. By leveraging data to build predictability, SEOs can gain more visibility into the drivers of search performance and—with the right investment level—make search succeed as a marketing channel.

But how should data actually be used in search performance modeling? Read the complete article here to gain insights into iQuanti’s approach to building SEO predictability.

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