The Washington Examiner featured data on the prevalence of the presidential candidates in Google search volumes. iQuanti provided the data on the volume of Google searches for each presidential candidates nationally, both over a seven-month average, and for the month of December. iQuanti is a digital marketing agency specializing in data-driven insights around CRO, SEO, PPC, and analytics.

iQuanti’s data shows that Bernie Sanders was searched more than twice as many times as opponent Hillary Clinton, his major rival. Sanders received 2.7 million searches in December 2015 alone, while Clinton received only 1.2 million searches in the same period. Donald Trump, the Republican frontrunner, received the most searches of any candidate, with 6.1 million Google searches in December 2015.

The full list of results from iQuanti can be found in the linked article from The Washington Examiner.

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