Webinars featuring Vish Sastry

AI-Driven Marketing in Banking: Strategies you can use NOW!

As the banking and financial services industry embraces AI, marketing leaders have an unprecedented opportunity to drive efficiency, improve customer experience, and stay ahead of the competition.

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Unlocking Digital Acquisition: A Bank’s Transformational Journey to Become Digital-First! 

This webinar includes a roadmap for digital marketing success, from building foundational capabilities & structures and forging partnerships.

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Unlocking Growth: Strategies to scale digital acquisition for banks in 2024

Bank marketers are expected to strike a fine balance in 2024. Even as digital marketing spend is slated to rise this year*, overall marketing budgets continue to shrink. Paid search costs are up. Cookies are going away. And customers are expecting a whole lot more from their banks when it comes to digital experiences.

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Rethinking 2024 Performance Marketing for CMOs

2023 has been a year of unprecedented changes in the digital marketing landscape. Consumer behaviors and expectations around privacy and personalization are shifting. The way consumers search for information is changing. And the mainstreaming of AI is impacting search and marketing in ways that we’re yet to comprehend.

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Optimizing digital acquisition for financial services: Proven strategies to attract quality customers

Digital acquisition is still a work in progress at many banks and financial services companies. While digital channels are critical to business growth, many brands find it difficult to target high quality customers with the same effectiveness as through their traditional channels such as direct mail and referrals.

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Transforming Digital Customer Acquisition in Banks

This year has been one of constant changes and challenges for financial marketers. Trends such as an uncertain macroeconomic environment, increased competition from online banks, the banking crisis, tightening privacy regulation, and generative AI have converged, making it imperative for marketers to reimagine their strategies.

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iQuanti Insights | Fireside Chat on How CMOs Can Harness the Power of AI Now

We are witnessing a new chapter in the evolution of AI. It has gone mainstream, and is easily the most buzzed-about technology topic in 2023.

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iQuanti Webinar, Ft. Forrester | Managing Marketing Dollars in a Recession

Maximize Marketing Impact in a Tough Market: A Framework for 2023. It’s been decades since we’ve been hit with the double whammy of inflation and recession together. Marketers in every industry will face challenges this coming year. Slower demand and rising costs ideally require bigger ad spends, but marketing budgets will likely be under pressure.

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iQuanti Webinar, Ft. Forrester | Performamce Marketing for Financial Services in 2022

Vish Sastry (CEO, iQuanti) and featured guest Collin Colburn (Senior Analyst, Forrester) discuss how Financial Services firms need to rethink acquisition marketing in 2022.

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