Webinars featuring Vishal Maru

Turbocharging Landing Page Success: Leveraging Advanced Analytics and AI Tools

Many metrics underline the critical role landing pages play in the success of banking and financial services marketers, impacting conversion rates, user experience, trust, and overall digital performance.

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Proven Paid Media Strategies for Financial Services in 2024

After a tumultuous 2023, digital marketers are continuing to face expectations to do more with less in 2024 as well. How can regional banks and financial services firms make the most of their advertising dollars in a highly competitive digital marketing landscape?

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Digital Customer Acquisition Strategies for Regional Banks for 2024

2023 has kept financial marketers on their toes. The banking crisis, economic uncertainty, the mainstreaming of generative AI, and evolving privacy expectations combined to create challenges – and opportunities – for brands.

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iQuanti Webinar, Digital Media Outlook: Unboxing the ‘Growth’ for Financial Services!

The banking, financial services and insurance industries are undergoing massive disruption.

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How Google Paid Search Automation Has Changed the Game for Marketers!

Automation in Google Ads has unlocked more growth and greater efficiency for digital marketers. With Google automating routine tasks such as bid management, keyword research, and ad creation and optimization, marketers can now focus on driving performance.

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How To Harness First-Party Data & Win In A Cookieless Future?

The concept of first-party data is not new to performance marketers.First-party data is more reliable, readily available and cost-efficient than other sources of data; however, the extent of utilization of first-party data has differed across industries and organizations.

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