The concept of first-party data is not new to performance marketers.

First-party data is more reliable, readily available and cost-efficient than other sources of data; however, the extent of utilization of first-party data has differed across industries and organizations.

With the adoption of strict privacy laws and technology changes made by companies like Apple, Firefox etc. and the imminent deprecation of third-party cookies by Google, there will be a significant drop in the availability of third-party data. Today, organizations need to strike the right balance with their acquisition strategies and be responsible while using data to develop personalized experiences for customers.

Harnessing the power of your first-party data should now take the center stage in your marketing strategy. Marketers can use their first-party data to gain audience insights, create a personalized experience for their users, improve their retargeting strategy, identify patterns, and predict future trends. But often, we even see large enterprises perplexed by how to properly use the first-party data they have.

In this iQuanti webinar, in partnership with Search Engine Journal, Vishal Maru (VP Digital Solutions) discusses:

  • Why activating your first-party data becomes crucial in a cookieless world
  • How to design a future-proof strategy to maximize the potential of your first-party data
  • How to build your organization’s first-party data capabilities to give you a competitive edge.

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