As CMO, you are responsible for the health of some of your company’s most vital organs—its digital marketing system. Just like in the human body, many inefficiencies can develop over time, especially when digital isn’t treated as an intrinsic, dynamic component of a larger marketing strategy.
John Ward, COO of digital marketing agency iQuanti, indicates that companies often fail to recognize signs of a poor-performing digital program. Once they do realize, it becomes difficult to manage their digital marketing and analytics strategies.

There are eight questions that must be asked when assessing the necessity for a digital marketing checkup:
1. Have You Built Up Walls Between Your Digital Marketing Channels?
2. Do You Feel Foggy When Identifying Where Credit Is Due?
3. Is Your Brand Spend Out of Control?
4. Are You Seeing Quantity Without Quality In Results From Your Efforts?
5. Do You Need More Organic?
6. Are You Sending Mixed Signals?
7. Feeling Resistance To Change?
8. Is Your Approach Too Passive?

A digital marketing checkup should assess the following:

• Site quality: Performance, usability, build quality, compliance, and mobile compatibility and searchability.
• Analytics audit: Tagging, documentation, customer segmentation, online/offline connectivity, and channel attribution
• SEO audit: Share of search, spread across funnel, on-page audit, off-page audit, and off-site marketing.
• Social evaluation: Channel breadth and business integration.
• Paid search audit: Account structure, quality score, CPA Pareto analysis, benchmarking.
• Display audit: Display effectiveness, re-targeting, social, programmatic buying.
• End-to-end optimization: Testing, hypothesis, impact to business, and test tool evaluation.
• Mobile evaluation: Integration with strategy and all channels, device-specific behavor anlysis, engagement, conversion, and usage.
• Automation opportunities: Site-wide changes, rule-based optimization, and automation tool use.

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