Halloween is a festival that lets children dress up as someone they aspire to be like. It is also a festival that allows adults to feel young again by dressing up as something fun. This leads to a lot of interest in knowing what the most popular costume will be during Halloween either to draw inspiration for your own Halloween costume or to ensure you’re dressed differently from the rest of the crowd.

iQuanti prides itself on being a digital marketing expert and using its expertise in analytics on digital data it has uncovered what the most popular costumes for this Halloween will be. According to their analysis Harley Quinn, a Batman comic book villain and member of the upcoming movie “Suicide Squad” will be the top Halloween costume. Females dominated the top searched rankings with seventeen of the top twenty searches. Batman was the highest searched male costume ranking at six. A full list of these ranking is shown below:
iQuanti’s top 15 were:

1. Harley Quinn

2. Wonder Woman

3. Catwoman

4. Poison Ivy

5. Minnie Mouse

6. Batman

7. Alice in Wonderland

8. Spider-Man

9. Tinkerbell

10. Queen of Hearts

11. Mad Hatter

12. Cleopatra

13. Flapper

14. Little Red Riding Hood

15. Elf

Most of these costumes should be bought in advance since they require to be bought readymade. Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy are two costumes that ranked highly for a costume that could be created out of generic clothing on Polyvore, an online clothes marketplace.

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