Christmas is a time when the family comes together to enjoy some egg nog, gifts, dinner, drinks, and prayer together. However, family members often have a hard time agreeing on what they’d like to do together. One of these very hard decisions that a family has to make is what movie to watch. With everyone having different tastes and preferences it is important to know what most people are curious to watch.

To complete this study, Bustle chose data for concrete results. iQuanti, a data driven digital marketing company, retrieved the data for Bustle and analyzed what the whole country is looking forward to watching during Christmas. iQuanti did this by creating a database of over hundred Christmas movies and analyzed the search volume for those movies for the 2013 and 2014 calendar year.

The results are sorted below for the top 10 searched Christmas movies:

1. A Christmas Story – 823,000

2. Elf – 748,000

3. Home Alone – 748,000

4. It’s a Wonderful Life – 561,500

5. Love Actually – 550,000

6. Christmas Vacation – 500,000

7. White Christmas – 500,000

8. How the Grinch Stole Christmas – 409,000

9. Holiday Inn – 368,000

10. A Christmas Carol – 301,000

According to the digital data retrieved by iQuanti it is concluded that Christmas Story is the most searched Christmas movie. So this Christmas while you’re sitting by your fire place, drinking your egg nog, and enjoying your family’s company, and you need to decide on a movie, you can choose the most searched Christmas movie.

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