Fall is the beginning of many difficulties with students heading back to university, the weather getting cooler, and leaves that need to be raked, but the most difficult task of all in the the fall is picking the Halloween costume. People looking for either inspiration or the need to look different will be most interested in iQuanti’s research on the top Halloween costumes for 2015.

iQuanti is a data driven digital marketing company that has used its expertise in data analytics to study online search data that will help determine what Americans might be wearing while trick-or-treating or to their Halloween gatherings. The process involved analyzing the monthly search data of the entire country. Harley Quinn turned out to be the most searched costume prior to this year’s Halloween attaining about 74,000 hits per month. Surprisingly, Wonder Woman came in second with 49,500 searches per month, followed by Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Minnie Mouse. Batman was the first male costume to appear at number 6, while Spider man came in at number 8. Disney characters appeared to be a popular choice with eight characters within the top thirty spots.

Group and theme based costumes were led by Burlesque Costumes attaining 8,100 searches per month ahead of Steampunk, and Pirate Costumes. A new trend of costumes could be revealing itself with Plus Size Costumes receiving over 10,000 searches for the category.

A number of new costumes had been introduced this year including a Donald Trump wig, the Left Shark, from the Super Bowl Half Time Show, Scary Lucy, the New York Pizza, and Donna T. Rumpshaker make the top five in trendy costumes for 2015. iQuanti also analyzed popular boy and girl theme with the “Princess Theme” being popular for girls and “Cowboys” bring popular for boys.

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