How people get their information has changed drastically from a decade ago. As elections begin, most people are getting information about their presidential candidates from search engines such as Google. The number of searches is an indicator of how popular a candidate is and how they might do in the upcoming election. iQuanti, a data driven digital marketing company, has used the digital data available to analyze the quantum of Google searches and related queries for each of the candidates across the country during the month of September.

The result of some of the key candidates are shown below:

The search “Donald Trump” had 5,000,000 searches. “Donald Trump Wife” has an average of 135,000 searches “How Old is Donald Trump” has 135,000 searches.

The search “Bernie Sanders” had 3,350,000 searches. “Bernie Sanders Platform” has 74,000 searches, while “How Old is Bernie Sanders” has 49,500 searches

The search “Carly Fiorina” had 2,240,000 searches. Interestingly, “Frank Fiorina” has 74,000 searches and “Carly Fiorina Net Worth” has 74,000 searches

The search “Hillary Clinton” had 1,220,000 searches. “Hillary Clinton Email” has 165,000 searches while “How old is Hillary Clinton” has 60,500 searches.

The search “Marco Rubio” had 673,000 searches. “Jeanette Dousdebes” = 49,500 searches while “How old is Marco Rubio” has 60,500 searches.

The search “Ted Cruz” had 673,000 searches. While “Ted Cruz Canadian” has 14,800 searches, “Ted Cruz Wife” polled 8,100 searches.

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