As the 2015 Emmys come to an end we take a moment to reflect on the many breathtaking moments of the event. The format of the event gave it a similar feel, with celebrities on the red carpet prior to the show, a humorous host, and pairs presenting award nominees and winners. Yet, the 2015 Emmys somehow felt different with many memorable comedic and triumphant moments.

The event had many hilarious moments including Amy Poehler in her final attempt to win an Emmy for her work on Parks and Recreation, all while dressed in a hoodie, and Andy Samberg sharing an HBO Now account, which actually worked…briefly. These moments were complemented with triumphant moment such as Jon Stewart winning his final Emmy, Jon Hamm’s first Emmy for Mad Men after being nominated seven times before, and Tracy Morgan’s return from a life threatening car accident. However, the most memorable moment of the night had to be Viola Davis’ speech after becoming the first black woman to win the award for Best Actress in a Drama Series. This heartwarming speech received a standing ovation for highlighting the lack of opportunity for colored women and the role different people have played in changing this.

Before all these memorable moments took place, a digital marketing company, iQuanti, used its expertise in analytics to predict these winners. They looked at the sixteen most popular categories and attempted to study whether the winners would be chosen based on their popularity on the internet. After collecting a numerous amount of digital data from Google and Bing they studied the search frequency for over ninety nominees in the sixteen categories.

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