As Iowa’s caucuses approach, Google search volumes for each candidate in the state has fluctuated, with searches for Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio nearly doubling.

iQuanti, a data-driven digital marketing agency, analyzed the search results for each candidate ahead of the caucuses. The Blaze, an online news source, reported on the changing search volumes for Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Donald Trump, and inferred what the shifts in search results could mean ahead of the caucuses.

The results prove interesting. As the caucuses approach Cruz and Rubio have increased from 6,300 and 5,672 average searches in a month respectively. These results have increased to 14,800 for Cruz and 12,100 for Rubio in Iowa in December. TheBlaze considers this sudden spike in interest to be a good sign for the two senators, particularly as Trump has been leading the Iowa polls.

Trump’s search results still vastly outnumber his opponents: he had an average search volume of 32,000 from May to November, and in December had a search volume of 40,500.

iQuanti’s data also revealed the most common keywords searched with candidate names. The keywords most commonly searched with Trump were, “wife”, “daughter”, “bankruptcy”, and “education”. For Cruz, Google users searched, “age”, “wife”, “birthplace” and “debate”. Rubio’s most common keywords were, “family”, “platform”, and “how old”.

Analyzing Google search data ahead of the Iowa caucus gives additional insight into the mind of the American public as election season continues. These Google search volumes may say something about the chances that Rubio and Cruz have in the upcoming Iowa caucuses.

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