iQuanti is a data-driven performance marketing firm that drives growth in traffic, conversions, and revenue for some of the world’s largest brands. Thanks to our quantitative approach and our relentless focus on client success, we have a 90%+ client retention rate.

Working at iQuanti means you’ll be on the cutting edge of digital marketing. Because we are always on the hunt for opportunities to learn and grow, we truly value diversity – and seek to hire from a variety of academic and professional backgrounds.


What It’s Like to Work Here

Want to use best-in-class analytics tools to solve big problems for blue-chip clients? This is the core of what we do at iQuanti.

If there’s a single word that defines what it’s like to work here, it’s impact. Our clients – some of the world’s largest banks, financial-services companies, insurers, retailers, and hospitality brands – reach tens of millions of consumers every day. As an iQuantian, you’ll harness data to help these companies engage, delight, and convert their audiences more effectively.

While we’re focused on driving results at the enterprise level, we also value entrepreneurial spirit. If you are independent and self-directed, you’ll thrive at iQuanti.


About This Role

iQuanti is seeking an Account Director to drive engagement in a portfolio of existing accounts and expand opportunities within these engagements. As a member of iQuanti’s Client Services team, the Account Director is responsible for of all areas of client delivery and overall relationship health.

This role requires familiarity with all aspects of clients’ business, as well as the ability to mine new business opportunities by building relationships across client organizations, mapping key decision makers and areas of opportunity, and developing thought leadership and frameworks for growth.

The Account Director must be collaborative and team-oriented and possess excellent problem-solving, leadership, and communication skills.


Duties and Responsibilities


  • Advise clients on new digital marketing opportunities and trends
  • Understand clients’ business and apply appropriate digital marketing frameworks to drive revenue growth/acquisition
  • Partner with solution and engagement teams to develop digital marketing strategies across web analytics, SEM, SEO, display, social media marketing, and site experience optimization
  • Create strategic plans, persuasive briefs, and business cases for clients
  • Grow client accounts by owning proposals for emerging opportunities and driving them through inception, nurture, negotiation, and close
  • Support day-to-day client interactions
  • Assemble teams around emerging engagements
  • Maintain visibility into projects’ revenue, margin, and resource needs
  • Ensure that client deliverables are of the highest quality and arrive on time and within budget
  • Author, review, and approve all commercial solutions and project estimates before client review
  • Identify potential project risks, address project slippage, and develop strategies to mitigate risk Collaborate internally to ensure timely reporting of forecasts, realization of income, and adherence to client agreements and commercial terms


The Ideal Candidate Will


  • Have 8-15 years of account management experience in digital technology services, as well as 4-7 years of experience in managing the delivery of digital assets (PPC/SEO, display ads, websites, apps, etc.)
  • Demonstrate the ability to grow revenue within client relationships
  • Have experience driving agency relationship success metrics via regular QBRs and qualitative client surveys
  • Demonstrate the ability to align and lead global teams across cities, cultures, and time zones
  • Be impeccably organized and an exceptional written and verbal communicator
  • Be proficient at digesting and appraising client data, extracting business challenges, and assembling potential solutions
  • Be a proficient user of workflow management tools
  • Possess a comprehensive understanding of digital performance marketing platforms and channels, including but not limited to:
    • Facebook
    • Google Analytics
    • Twitter
    • DMPs and DSPs
    • Acquisition marketing tactics
  • Experience in a client-facing role at a management consulting firm is a plus
  • Financial services experience is a plus

Job Type: Full-time

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Attention: iQuanti does not conduct transactions or recruit via chat platforms like Telegram or WhatsApp. We never request sensitive information or payments for employment. If contacted by someone claiming to be from iQuanti and seeking payment/info, report it to hr@iquanti.com.