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Pay Per Click, SEM and Display Program

iQuanti uses it’s superior data skills to drive extremely effective and efficient search engine programs that result in online leads.

Our data driven approach and capabilities helps organization connect the backend data to front end bidding decisions. In addition, iQuanti’s proprietary Quality Score Model helps drive reduction of cost per click in Adwords management. With display, iQuanti uses organizations’ Data Management Platform (DMP) capabilities to drive better targeting and investment decisions for generating leads online leads. In the cases where our clients do not have DMP capabilities, we deploy best of the breed partner DMP capabilities. Using advanced analytics, we understand the performance of various channels and then use our client’s DSP capabilities to drive most effective media buys. In absence of our client’s DSP capabilities, iQuanti partners with best of breed DSP providers to ensure that our clients have the best solution. iQuanti’s robust analytics ensures that the DMP data and DSP capabilities are leveraged to manage effective display campaigns.

  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Adwords Management

Search Engine Optimization

iQuanti generates website traffic and online leads through enterprise search engine optimization programs using its proprietary SEO Platform- ALPS. This enables the organization to focus on keyword themes that generate website traffic that convert into high performing business leads online. ALPS helps iQuanti focus on specific SEO activities that have the most impact.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Keyword Optimization

Email Channels, Referral Channels
And Content Marketing

Email channel presents our clients with the most effective and consistent ongoing online lead opportunities. We work with our clients to run email enrollment programs as well as help manage ongoing email programs to drive effective leads online. Our advanced analytic and testing capabilities help enable constant iteration to deliver continually improving email campaigns with both targeting and creative testing.

iQuanti recognizes that not every visitor comes straight to your site. We help with content marketing that generates website traffic and online leads leveraging traffic from third party sites. This involves creating content tailored to audiences on different sites. We also manage our clients’ relationships with third party sites to place the content. Our analytics track traffic to the website over time to understand the performance of different forms of content on different referring sites for generating website traffic, online leads and high performing customers.

  • Content Creation
  • Media Buy
  • Content Marketing

Social Media And Mobile Properties

iQuanti works with organizations to help market their mobile apps and social media properties often used to engage both prospects and existing customers. This involves understanding audience segments, engagement levers, measuring performance and understanding the drivers of performance. iQuanti then helps the organization run programs to convert these engaged prospects to paying customers.

  • Social Media
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Mobile Applications

The Purchase Process

At iQuanti, we understand that the purchase decision does not happen in a single visit. Buyers are often in different stages of the purchase decision process and we leverage different channels at different stages to eventually generate online leads. iQuanti’s superior data capabilities help track the prospects through the journey across different channels to maximize online leads. For example display and content marketing may be used to target prospects early in the decision journey to make sure that the product is in the consideration mode when they actively start looking for the product. Paid search can address prospects who are close to buying and in the evaluation stage.

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  • Customer Journey
  • Purchase Decision

Better Investment Decisions through

iQuanti uses its strong data capabilities to help our clients understand the interdependency between channels and overall contribution of each channel in driving website traffic and online leads. This often involves moving beyond the last click attribution. Our teams create sophisticated attribution models that take into account the time decay after the impression delivery. We work with our clients DMPs or implement a DMP as the need may be. Many of our clients either use all our services as a package through our “end to end lead generation services” or use our proficiency in individual channel management to generate more effective online leads or website traffic.

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