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Digital Marketing Strategy grounded
in Analytics

iQuanti’s core strength is data and analytics. We use insights from data to drive digital strategy. Our data expertise enables us to glean insights from:

  • Existing customer data: We look at customer behavior on the site and connect offline and online behaviors
  • Prospect data: We inform the strategy with prospect data including data from external third party sources
  • Competition data: We crawl competitive sites and glean data and insights for digital strategy
  • Data and Web Analytics

strong implementation skills

The digital marketing strategy developed by iQuanti is backed by strong execution skills. Unlike expensive strategic consulting firms, iQuanti’s execution capabilities ensure that the digital strategy is easily implemented.

Often times, this includes running tests to validate hypotheses and quick fixes to data infrastructure to ensure that the data needed to run analysis is available.

iQuanti’s implementation teams are available on call for strategy projects. These include our web analytics development and digital marketing teams.

  • Execution of Digital Marketing Strategy

Web Analytics and Reporting

Because of iQuanti’s focus on data and analytics, our clients ask us to help solve their analytical challenges. These include:

  • Digital Implementation and Tagging: This encompasses an understanding of a client’s business, helping identify Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and then implementing digital analytics to track the KPIs
  • Dashboards and Reporting: Our clients often ask us to support them by producing real-time dashboards and reports on an ongoing basis. iQuanti ensures that the focus is on producing actionable insights in these reports.
  • Deep Digital Analytics: We help our clients address complex issues through deep web analytics based projects including attribution, segmentation, connecting online data to offline behaviors and user path analysis.
  • Tagging
  • Dashboards and Reporting
  • Web Analytics based projects