Performance Marketing Report

For Banking and Financial Services


After digital marketing spend dipped for two years in a row, financial services brands are expected to up their budgets in 2024. What are the platform, privacy, and industry trends they must keep in mind as they look to accelerate digital customer acquisition? Read the report to stay ahead.


2024 promises to build on a number of trends that we saw the last few years.

How can you ride these trends to win in 2024?

The sheer scale of change and the imperative to continue adapting to updates to platforms and user behavior will keep it interesting for marketers.

Vish Sastry Rachakonda,
Founder & CEO, iQuanti

Key Numbers

User spending on TikTok, the highest ever on a non-game app

Number of times users added "Reddit" to Google searches in 2023


Expected growth in digital spend by financial services brands in 2024

Expected number of YouTube Shorts by June 2024


YoY revenue growth at Meta

Increase in credit card debt in the US YoY in Q4, 2024

In Focus

Opportunities in Reddit &


Digitally savvy audiences today refuse to be sold to, and in a bid to find authenticity and honesty, they are turning to platforms such as Reddit and TikTok to engage with real people. Read the report to learn how brands of sizes and across industries are using these platforms to reach their audiences.

Download the report for more insights on what these trends mean for you.

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