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Performance marketing platform updates
Performance of different platforms (Google, social media, and YouTube, among others), the latest trends, and regulatory changes and their implications on performance marketing

Banking and financial services industries
Performance of leading players in the space, overall industry trends and their implications

Performance marketing trends in banking
Performance marketing trends with respect to traditional players, non-traditional issuers and aggregators in the banking space in Q1 2021

iQuanti webinars
Key insights from the webinars conducted in Q1 2021


In our Quarterly Report for Q1 2021, we delved deep into performance marketing trends in the banking and financial services industry. Through our detailed analysis, we have identified critical performance marketing data, insights, trends, and benchmarks moving forward. We have analyzed the implications of these and the regulatory environment. Here are a few highlights:

  • An increase in Google earnings indicates a shift towards digital
  • The growth in active user numbers and revenues of social platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter indicates a push towards digital communities and social commerce
  • As the analytics space evolves, led by cookie depreciation and regulatory changes, AdTech stack must be reviewed in 2021
  • The banking and financial services industry has seen a significant shift towards digital in both sales and activity
  • Aggregators dominated the 2021 organic search space for credit cards
  • In the rewards credit card space, non-traditional issuers gained higher traction in comparison to some of the top players
  • Rewards theme has seen a big drop in 2020 in favor of the cashback theme on the keyword front
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