The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken up the world economy.  Across industries, we have observed business and consumer behavior seeing massive, unprecedented shifts over the last couple of weeks.

At iQuanti, our team has put together a study to provide business leaders and financial marketers with a perspective on the evolving situation.

The report presents our preliminary analysis of:

  • How the COVID-19 crisis has caused a shift in consumer needs in the Banking & Financial sector and
  • How financial marketers can most effectively and efficiently respond to these evolving needs.

THINK PIECE: Responding to COVID-19: Tactics for Financial Marketers

At a Glance:

Some major shifts in Search Trends:

  • Downward trending Search Demand – Credit Cards, Deposits
  • Surging Search Demand  – Business & Personal Loans, Refinance, Investment Products & Financial Advice.

Read our report to find out why it is important for Financial Marketers to understand these shifts in user needs and be agile in strategizing and responding to them. Also included are multiple recommended marketing tactics to help achieve this.


It is prudent for business leaders and marketers to understand the implications of these uncertain times on their business and move cautiously and responsibly while responding to the crisis.

This article reflects our perspective as of 29th March, 2020.

We are closely monitoring the outbreak and its evolving impact on the US Banking and Financial sector. We will continue to update our analysis and add deep-dive insights on specific segments/products in the following weeks.

Download iQuanti’s Think Piece to understand more about the changing user needs in the U.S. market and Financial marketer’s can respond to them effectively in the wake of the evolving Coronavirus crisis.

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