Effective measurement is a fundamental pillar of all marketing. Targeting the right audience on the right channels and measuring the right performance metrics is core to any successful marketing program. But measurement is becoming increasingly difficult in today’s privacy-first world.

With the many changes in the legal and technology landscape and the imminent sunset of third-party cookies by 2023, two questions are looming in the marketing world about measurement: How would you measure (and report on) in-channel performance if you do not have access to all the data? What would this mean for cross-channel data attribution?

In this iQuanti webinar, in partnership with Search Engine Land, Sreekant Lanka (SVP Digital Solutions) discusses key challenges ahead of marketers and potential short-term solutions to help you get ready for a cookieless future.

  • The data decay associated with third-party cookie deprecation, and tech and regulatory changes have had a real-time impact on measurement, across digital touchpoints. Conversion and user journey tracking will become more complex with last-touch taking over the credits for view-through or cross-platform/multi-touch.
  • Real-time impact on the measurement will be more challenging for paid media compared to other channels
  • The dominant players in the market – Google, Adobe, Meta, etc. – are leading the way by enhancing their capabilities to enable effective measurement in a cookieless world.
  • You need to rethink measurement to align with the evolving landscape and build a strategic roadmap for the changing times.
  • The level of impact on measurement for you will need to be assessed across the funnel stages and is dependent on your channel objectives at each stage of the user journey. Your measurement approach also needs to be anchored in your digital maturity level.

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