With competition to acquire customers getting stiffer than ever, brands are looking to leverage performance marketing campaigns to engage and acquire customers.  

So, what sets apart a great performance marketing campaign? Watch this on-demand webinar where Sreekant Lanka (Senior Vice President, Digital Solutions at iQuanti) pinpoints the key ingredients required to run highly effective ad campaigns – all the way from planning to driving results. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Planning: Adopt holistic and data backed choices for the media mix rather than going beyond recent performance. 
  • Audience: Leverage enhanced AI capabilities to get to the right audiences with richer inputs/ signals.
  • Creative & Experience Optimization: Enrich end-to-end user experience, from relevant ad-copies to landing pages, by leveraging AI-enabled tools.
  • Measurement: Understand the true value of a channel with incrementality testing and optimize inter-channel budget based on business goals.   

Also, watch this webinar for an opportunity to assess your performance marketing strategy and drive superior results.

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