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iQuanti has proprietary tools to power solutions for Search Management, Market Insights, and Conversion Optimization.


QSM improves CPC for your search spend. Utilizing two proprietary algorithms (Qscore/Mscore) it improves your search ad quality by tackling three aspects:

  1. Ad Relevancy
  2. Landing Page Relevancy
  3. Click Through Rate (CTR)


ALPS optimizes the site (SEO) around effective keywords that drive relevant traffic to maximize conversion. It is powered by an analytics driven keyword prioritization engine, a traffic estimator and testing platform for pre-launch simulation & refinement.


iFuturist trend prediction tool that works on keywords, content and timing. iFuturist uses advanced algorithms & data mining techniques that allows to create content ideas & project traffic. This in turn helps in optimizing campaign well ahead of the curve.


Hypothesis driven MVT (HMVT) is a framework to methodically test & optimize webpages. Analyzing gaps between search intent & landing page message helps develop hypothesis based test plan. This rapid deployment platform allows teams to respond to market feedback in a short duration.


iVdYo is built on statistical methods & model based approach, iVdYo manages video inventory & distribution into several video & social destination. The tool has capability to test recommendation impact before they are implemented thus saving time & cost.


Advanced AB & MVT Testing means optimization that drives efficient spend and maximum yield – using the available platform tools and independent approaches, we can leverage Analytics driven Creative optimization across placement, format, and platform per campaign.

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