The digital marketing landscape continues to evolve at pace. How can financial marketers stay ahead? This report uncovers the continued impact of generative AI, the transition to a cookieless world, and upheavals in the banking industry on financial marketing.


Generative AI, tightening privacy regulations, and ongoing economic uncertainty present challenges and opportunities to financial marketers.

  • Deposits continue to migrate to banks offering higher rates and security.
  • ChatGPT powered Bing is eating into Google’s pie.
  • AI is helping Meta, Pinterest, and TikTok turn their fortunes around.
  • OTT + CTV ad spending is projected to increase 49.6% YoY in 2023!

What do these trends mean for marketers?

At iQuanti, our focus is on serving our clients better through both innovation and driving better economics.

-Vish Sastry Rachakonda, CEO, iQuanti

Key Numbers


Microsoft's ad revenue YoY

Projected growth for AI in marketing


Search demand up for travel cards


Google Network revenue YoY


Meta's ad impressions YoY

Deposits at small US banks fell Mid-March

In Focus

AI in Marketing

Recent strides in Language Learning Models and Generative AI are fundamentally
transforming marketing and opening up new possibilities

With Microsoft and Google racing to leverage AI to transform search, digital advertising, and personalization,
brands need to focus on optimizing for conversational search queries and implementing structured data to
appear in more visually oriented search results

Download the report for more insights on what these trends mean for you.

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