iQuanti Quarterly Report Q2 2021

Gather fresh insights into the latest performance marketing trends and their impact on the banking and financial services industry.


This edition of the iQuanti Quarterly Report for Q2 2021 looks closely at the emerging digital performance marketing trends and changes in regulatory environment, as the economy continues to pivot in the post-pandemic landscape. The report identifies critical performance marketing data, insights, trends, and benchmarks and presents iQuanti’s detailed analysis on the implications of the same on banking and financial services industry in the U.S.

  • Updates on performance marketing platforms
    • Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms showed strong revenue performances in Q2, driven by ad sales and new ad platforms. They also saw an uptick in consumer online activity and broad-based strength in advertiser spends
    • Many platform-level algorithm/feature updates in Q2 (including product ratings/reviews algorithm update, Core Web Vitals benchmarks, KELM, and ad format updates) have implications for Banks and Financial Services firms
    • Privacy rules continue to challenge digital marketers, with Apple’s iOS14.5 update and Facebook’s new ad measurement protocols, although Google has delayed its plan to phase out 3rd party cookies until late 2022 through mid-2023.
  • Updates from the Banking and Financial Services Industry
    • The banking sector saw a push for growth and an increase in marketing budgets (especially in customer acquisition), even as Retail Banking continues to be under pressure. Credit provisioning continues to be lower, and banks are continuing to loosen standards
    • Insights from the quarterly performance of the top players
  • Key insights from iQuanti’s thought leadership webinars conducted in Q2 2021
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