iQuantified: Episode 1

Dealing with Organic Traffic Declines

21 February  2022

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iQuanti Vice President of Search Strategy Wayne Cichanski breaks down the three elements involved in identifying what’s causing organic traffic declines and how to combat those issues. Hint: It’s usually a combination of all three (rank distribution, search volume and CTR). Later in the show, Cichanski gets into the “wildcard” element of schema and how that can affect traffic and how consumer intents have shifted during the COVID-19 pandemic. Wrapping it all up, Cichanski discusses Google’s recent page experience update.

About the Guest:

Wayne Cichanski

VP, Organic Search Strategy

Wayne is a digital executive & SME with over 27 years experience in the field of digital marketing, web strategy, and search. As Vice President of Search Strategy for iQuanti, Wayne heads the global SEO and search strategy practice. A creative, innovative thinker, Wayne enjoys problem-solving and strategic initiatives. Even before Google’s launch, Wayne had been involved in every aspect of algorithms and digital journeys as they evolved over the years.

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