Google just announced the release of two new mobile benchmarking tools:

  1. Mobile Scorecard
  2. Conversion Impact Calculator

Both tools can be found here:

The concept of both tools is to give marketers an idea as to how they stack up to the competition and how it’s affecting their potential annual revenue. Google recommends that a site load within 3 seconds on 4G devices and 5 seconds on 3G platforms. We (iQuanti) have always preached a benchmark of 3 seconds to our clients so this is not surprising.

The coolest thing about these new tools, in my opinion, is the Conversion Impact Calculator. This tool can help us build a case with existing clients, that they need to make technical changes to help speed up their site, as well as new prospects looking to us for strategic thinking and prioritizing the issues their sites have.

For those of you wondering how Google makes that calculation, it’s done through data from The State of Online Retail Performance report from April 2017. The report showed each second of delay in page load time on a retail site can hurt conversions by up to 20%.

Many of our clients have technical issues, that if fixed, could help boost their page speed. It might be a good opportunity to run a quick analysis using the page speed insights tool and revisit the topic with our clients.